2019 RAD Ballet Examinations


Our dates have arrived and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming RAD Ballet Examinations in 4 weeks.
Please ensure you use the next month to prepare the required uniform items ready for exam day.

Examination Dates 2019

Wednesday 23 October
Intermediate Foundation
Arrival time: 2pm
Examination time: 2:45pm
Location: RAD Headquarters, Darlinghurst

Friday 25 October
Grade 2 Ballet
Arrival time: 8:30am
Examination time: 9am
Location: RAD Headquarters, Darlinghurst

Grade 3 Ballet
Arrival time: 9am
Examination time: 9:25am
Location: RAD Headquarters, Darlinghurst

Grade 4 Ballet
Arrival time: 9:20am
Examination time: 9:50am
Location: RAD Headquarters, Darlinghurst

Uniform List
– Class Leotard in good condition
– Waistband: in matching colour to class leotard
– Cleaned and polished Ballet shoes with ribbons
– Character shoes (Graded Examinations only)
– Character skirt (Graded Examinations only)
– Flesh pink stockings in near new condition; no holes or marks
– Pointe shoes (Int. Foundation only)
– Skirt or half tutu (Int. Foundation only)
– Hair pins
– Hair net
– Hairspray
– Hair gel
– Hair elastics
– Hair bow: supplied by Studio K Dance on day of exam
– Dance props: supplied by Studio K Dance on day of exam

Exam Hairstyle