Concert Day- A few reminders

Hi all,

A few reminders for our 2016 End of Year Concert on Saturday 19 November, please read carefully:

Students will need to arrive with hair and make-up completed. All Seniors (13+) are to arrive in plain clothes with costumes in labelled dress bag, all Juniors (3-12 yrs) are to arrive in costume with plain clothes packed in a bag and labelled.
See schedule: concert-day-schedule_2016

Upon arrival at Pittwater RSL, please sign in at the top reception and walk through the main doors to the back restaurant on the upper level. Our dressing room will be situated on the top level this year, I will have the Studio K Dance signage up for ease. Parents must ‘kiss and drop’ students before leaving them with our Studio K Dance helpers on the door. If you have a question, please ask our lovely helpers who are volunteering on the door.

* At no point should parents enter the dressing room.
I am very aware of the changing times of society and would like to express that the safety of your children is my utmost priority. In order to ensure child safety, I have a limited and assigned group of helpers for our Concert Day to ensure a safe, calm and organised environment. Please assist me in ‘kissing and dropping’ your child promptly before leaving them for the afternoon.
Junior students (3-12 years) are to arrive in costume with hair and make-up done. Please ensure the costumes are clean, ironed (if necessary), neat and tidy before arrival. Children must wear loose clothing such as a button up t-shirt, button up dress or light dressing gown over the top. Children must only eat in costume if covered completely in day clothes. Children and their families are responsible for their costumes, Studio K Dance takes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.
All students are to arrive with hair and make-up done on both the Dress Rehearsal and Concert days. Please follow the demonstration videos for each class.
* Do the best you can do in applying make-up. I don’t expect you to be professional make-up artists but please watch the video and have a go. This will greatly assist me in preparing a great number of students for performance!
After the matinee concert (approx 4:30pm) students will have a one hour break before preparing for the second concert. This is an opportunity to have a ‘dinner break’ before preparing for the evening concert at 5:30pm. Children can bring a packed dinner or will be allowed to visit one of the many restaurants within Pittwater RSL. I will have a team of helpers ensuring student supervision in both the dressing room and chosen/booked restaurant for the afternoon. Parents may want to have an early dinner with their child(ren) at Pittwater RSL however children must stay within the premises for the duration of the afternoon, returning to the dressing room by 5:30pm (at the latest).
PLEASE NOTE: We will need at least an hour (5:30-6:30pm) to re-do make-up and hair, ensure students are dressed with accessories and warmed-up, ready backstage by 6:45pm.
* Baby Ballet students may leave the premises at 4pm and return at 6pm.
* Pre-Primary Ballet (4.5-6 yrs) and Infants/Jazz Tap (5-6 yrs) have the option to leave the premises between 4:30-5:30pm. Please let me know if you think your child may need to go home for a rest and dinner before the evening show.
– Remove all nail polish on fingers
– Remove all jewellery: this includes earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belly button rings, toe rings
– No underwear to be worn under costumes or stockings at any time
– Stockings must be clean and spot / ladder free
– Stockings must be ‘flesh’ pink. See 2016 uniform list on our website for more details on class requirements for this year.
– Ballet shoes must have ribbons sewn- no elastics
– Dance shoes must be cleaned and polished with either black or ballet pink polish
– Label all personal items including costumes, bags, shoes, drink bottles, Tupperware and electronic devices
– Please keep up-to-date with all important information via email and our website:
– Please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for daily updates of current news and information.
– Please assist me by following the documents distributed via email and on our website before texting me for the info.
– No text msg’s will be answered on either Dress Rehearsal or Concert Days as I will be without my phone.
CONCERT DAY CHECKLIST- Saturday 19 November
1. All second or third costume items labelled and placed on hanger in a labelled dress bag
2. Dance shoes cleaned and packed
3. Hair done
4. Make-up done
5. Labelled water bottle
6. Packed dinner or money for food within the internal cafés
7. Labelled book, toy or entertainment device.
8. Loose clothing such as button up shirt, dress or dressing gown.
9. Arrive in day shoes (labelled with full name).
10. Note arrival and collection times (for your own perusal)