Star Charts

This term students have begun accumulating stars as a reward for a number of desired dance class attributes. These include:

1. Wearing hair in a bun (ballet and jazz) or tied back (contemporary)

2. Wearing the correct class uniform

3. Listening to instructions during class

4. Standing ready to start each exercise or dance routine

5. Using “Miss Katrina” to address the teacher

6. Showing manners to teacher and other class members: refraining from speaking unnecessarily, including all students in activities, encouraging one another and helping one another to learn.


1 star sticker = student has demonstrated 1-2 of the class requirements today.

2 star stickers = student has demonstrated 3-4 of the class requirements today.

3 star stickers = student has demonstrated 5-6 of the class requirements today.

If parents would like to keep track of their child’s progress they are welcome to come in at the beginning of class to see the chart progress. The stars are updated at the end of the evening (not after class) so students will see their progress at the beginning of each new week. This causes less disruption to the continuous flow of classes being taught in a day as I simply don’t have the time after each class to complete them.

The purpose of the Star Chart is to build a class and dance school that shows respect to one another, the dance industry and its many requirements. I believe these attributes not only help the student learn better within their own dance class environment but that students will learn life skills such as discipline, commitment, hard work, determination and self control in the process.

I will also hand out ballerina stickers to the ‘Student of the Week’ who has shown exceptional ability and determination to fulfil the above criteria. This sticker will equal two star stickers eventually helping the students to achieve their goals quicker.

The student who accumulates the most stickers at the end of Term 3 will receive a small reward for their efforts. Please support your child in their progress encouraging them to do their best and individually improve in their efforts.

Let the diligence begin!